The Lunch Program is provided through the SPA Parent Service Organization (“PSO”) and is the PSO’s largest fundraiser. The Lunch Program consists of pre-ordered catered food delivered by food vendor(s) and served by parent volunteers during lunch periods. Lunch portion size, cost and choices are a primary focus as we strive to balance the nutritional food guidelines with taste and varying appetites. This program is 100% run by parent volunteers and 100% of the profit goes back to the PSO.

Scottsdale Preparatory Academy partners with to provide a secure, fast, and easy-to-use online ordering system that allows parents to view our school lunch menu, order, prepay and manage student lunches on the web. A $10 annual registration fee is charged to help absorb some of the operational and maintenance costs of

Order Lunches

Lunch Program Coordinators                                             

Lunch Oversight Coordinator- Ann Whyte

Lunch Volunteer Coordinator-Ada Betancourt

Lunch Vendor Coordinator-Trish Shelly

Lunch Technical Coordinator-Rachel Semro

Vending Machine Coordinator


New Parents

  1. Go to: (please bookmark this page)
  2. Click on Register: Password is spartans1, add account and profile(s) information
  3. Sign In: Welcome page displays with Program Info (Order Schedule, Rules, etc.).
  4. Click Order at top of navigation bar and select the correct month.
  5. Select the Order on the date to begin
  6. Check Out & Pay: Please be sure to complete the check-out process. Do not close your browser prior to receiving the confirmation display or your order may be interrupted and not fully processed. Items left in your shopping cart will not be processed and your order will not be placed.

Returning Parents

  1. Go to: (please bookmark this page)
  2. Sign in with your username and password
  3. Select student and update profile for the new school year and click Update Profile
  4. If student has graduated, select student and click Remove Profile
  5. Once all profiles are updated, click on the Order link to begin ordering.
  6. Check out & pay – Please be sure to complete the check-out process when placing an order. Do not close your browser prior to receiving the confirmation display or your order may be interrupted and not fully processed. Items left in your shopping cart will not be processed and your order will not be placed.
  7. Print your order so you know it has been confirmed. Click “Print Order” in the Navigation Bar.

If you have questions regarding the Lunch Program, please contact Ann Whyte, the Lunch Oversight Coordinator, at

For technical support please email

Annual Registration Fee: An annual registration fee of $10 is charged with your first order per account/family to help absorb operational costs.

Minimum Order Fee: A $1.00 fee will be charged for orders under $10.00—this applies to new and changed orders.

Emergency Lunch Program (Forgot your lunch?)

Meals distributed during the lunch periods are pre-ordered and no extra food is ordered to accommodate children who may have forgotten their lunch.  The Emergency Lunch Program offers students who forgot their lunch one (1) free emergency lunch per semester.  An emergency lunch typically consists of pre-packaged soup/noodles.  Vending machines are also available on site for students to purchase items.  Parents will be contacted if the emergency lunch service is used more than once a semester.

Lunch Volunteers

Parent volunteers distribute pre-ordered lunches to students during the lunch periods. Volunteering is a great way to see your student and their friends during the school day, meet other parents, and provide support for the Lunch Program. There are many opportunities and flexibility available to those who wish to help. Volunteers work one lunch shift, with volunteers choosing which day of the week to work.

Once you access the signup you may see which days/time slots are available and choose those that work best for you. The program will generate reminder emails to you for the days you have volunteered. Below there are two different signups. One is for serving lunches on full school days during first quarter and the other is for serving lunches on half days (lunch is served at end of the school day).

Volunteer on Full Day (1st Quarter)

Volunteer on Half Day (1st Semester)

Four (4) parent volunteers in total are needed each day between 10:30 am to 1 pm to distribute pre-ordered lunches to the students during all lunch periods.

Two lead volunteers oversee food delivery from the vendor, set up and closing of the lunchroom.

The full lunch shift consists of three lunch periods:

There are three lunch periods:

  • 11:05-11:35 – 5th & 6th
  • 11:35-12:05 – 9th, 10th & 11th
  • 12:05-12:35 – 7th, 8th, 12th

For more information on the lunch program go to the committee lunch page.

If you need more information Ada Betancourt- volunteer coordinator